Honoring Our Veterans Part 1

At The Church

Please keep our military families in your prayers

  • Josh Hampton
    (David & Anita Garrison family)
  • Justin Holmes
    (Rocky & LuAnn Holmes family)
  • Bryan Storts
    (John & Robin Ertel family)
  • Kyle Ward
    (Doug & Joyce Ward family)
  • Lucas Plotner
    (Gary & Barb Andrews family)
  • Greg Janson
    (Cindy & Mike Shaw family)
  • Matthew & Ashlee Janson
    (Cindy & Mike Shaw family)
  • Jason & Shelby Bell
    (Mike & Connie Nielsen family)
  • David Nielsen
    (Mike & Connie Nielsen family)
  • Eric Hansen
    (Liz Mallari family)
  • Gavin Miller & Perry Ward
    (Dick & Judy Bracht family)
  • Alex & Joanna Delancy
    (Pat & Marcia Tegtmeyer family)
  • Mike Damron
    (Jeff & Connie McKenzie family)
  • Nancy Wingo
    (Jerri Wingo family)
  • Aaron Seyfried
    (Nancy Seyfried Stanforth family)
  • Kathy Lamb & Bobby Davis
    (Betty Cochran family)
  • Chris Lamb
    (Betty Cochran family)

If you have a family member who is currently serving in the military please contact the church office to add to this list.

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