New Here?
Plan a Sunday morning visit to our church


When Does It Start?

Sunday Morning Worship starts at 10:30 am. If you're interested in our other meeting times, here's a full list of our services:

Breakfast - 9:00am
Sunday School - 9:30am
Sunday Morning Worship - 10:30am
Prayer - 6:00pm

Wednesday Adult Bible study, Youth group, Kids Classes - 7:00pm

Where do I park ?

There are special visitor parking spots immediately to the left as soon as you pull in the church driveway. These spots will put you at the front foyer entrance, right next to the sanctuary.

If you 've passed them up (which is easy to do!) or if these spots are unavailable, the regular parking lot is in the back of the church. There is another set of doors here that most regular attenders use. This entrance allows you to walk past the nursery, Sunday School classes, and bathrooms. Follow the hallway to the end to reach the foyer and sanctuary.


What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Some people wear jeans and t-shirts, others wear ties or dresses, and most people fall somewhere in the middle. Whatever you prefer, you will probably find someone dressed similarly.

What should I do with my kids?

There is a nursery available for children ages 0-5. It’s located at the end of the hall, near the back entrance. Kids ages 6-12 have Kids Church with Pastors Aaron and JoAnna Powell in the youth room. It’s located down the side hall, just past the bathrooms. Most Sundays, the kids will start out in the Sanctuary to participate in worship before going to the Youth Room. If you didn’t get a chance to sign your child in before service started, you can always head back with the kids when they are dismissed from worship.


Do you expect me to give ?

No, giving is never mandatory. Many of our regular attenders choose to give as an act of faithfulness to God, and to support the ministries of our church, but it is never required. Feel free to let the offering plate pass you by.

What can I expect during service ?

We start our services with a time of worship and prayer. We believe in welcoming the Holy Spirit to move through our worship time, and oftentimes, you will see people lifting their hands. Occasionally, though not as often, someone may give a message of encouragement, testimony, or in their prayer language. We try to leave room for the Holy Spirit to move through our services. After worship, the kids are dismissed. Then, we take up an offering to support the ministries of our church.

Afterwards, the pastor will deliver a sermon where he explains Biblical truths and how they pertain to our Christian walk. The service often ends with prayer, but sometimes, there may be additional worship or an altar call.

Once a month, we take communion. Usually, the Board of Deacons will pass out the communion elements to each pew. This holy ordinance is for all believers, regardless of denomination affiliation. If you have committed your life to Christ, you are welcome to join us in taking communion. If you are not a believer, or you are unsure what you believe, we encourage you to let the communion plate pass you by.