Meet our Pastor
John and Joey Wirmel

Pastor John has been serving as lead pastor since January of 2018. He was called into the ministry shortly after he graduated high school and since then, he has served in many different capacities at churches in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. His wife, Joey, has served by his side, primarily in the role of children’s pastor. At Wilmington Assembly, she oversees the Wednesday night kids program, as well as serve on the Worship team.

Meet our Student Ministries Pastors
Aaron and JoAnna Powell

Aaron and JoAnna attended Wilmington Assembly for many years before stepping into the position of Student Ministries Pastors. Their heart for the people of the community, particularly the youth, is enormous. They oversee the youth group, and Sunday morning kids church.

Meet our Worship Leader
Robin Ertel

Robin has faithfully served the church for over 10 years. After singing on the worship team for many years, she stepped into the role of worship leader in 2015. She has been using her talents to bless our church ever since.

Meet our Church Administrator
LuAnn Holmes

LuAnn has been the church secretary for more than 15 years. She has done an excellent job running the administrative side of the church, freeing our pastors to focus on the ministry side.